Postdoctoral Fellow

Chris Dupuis
Dr. Hansung Gim (2018-)

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Jacqueline Monkiewicz (2019-)

Graduate Students

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Ed Buie II (2016-)
Chris Dupuis
Chris Dupuis (2018-)
Mansi Padave
Mansi Padave (2018-)

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Tyler McCabe (2018-)
Rashmeet Nayyar
Rashmeet Kaur Nayyar (2018-)
(primary advisor Siddharth Srivastava (CIDSE))

Undergraduate Students

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Martin Flores (2017-)

And You?

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I am looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate students to work on various observational projects. If you are interested, please contact me with a brief summary of research interest as well as their CV at

There are also postdoc opportunities available in my group through SESE. Please visit the link(s) below:

SESE Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship